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There are a variety of reasons women should be regularly hitting the weights and the exercises listed below make the most of those advantages. So gather your girls and give these exercises a try the next time you go to the gym.


Why is that? As women are born with bigger hips than men, the majority of women have bigger “Q-Angle,” which puts us at a higher risk of ACL injuries. Lateral lunges and similar actions that stretch the lateral side help support the hips thereby lessening the chance of knee injuries.

How to: Start by placing your feet in a tight position and then move to the right side while keeping your right foot facing forward, and the knee straight with the foot. Lower the right hip downwards and back, while maintaining the left leg straight. Push the hips forward to provide stability. Bring the left leg into it and step it in.

Alternatives: This movement can be performed either by traveling (i.e. moving across the space) or in a stationary position (i.e. remaining at the same location and changing sides). It is also possible to load with a medicine ball or removed using the TRX Suspension Trainer.


What’s the reason? Strong shoulders and the power and strength to carry a heavy object in the air are no longer an individual’s responsibility. This move is functional and can help you build upper body strength and strength so that you won’t need to call for assistance.

How to: Begin by holding a kettlebell of moderate weight with your left hand and next to your chest with your palm facing towards the inside. Lower your hips and then back, then push through your glutes before returning to standing while lifting the kettlebell upwards. The kettlebell slowly returns to your chest and repeats.

Alternatives: This exercise can also be performed using dumbbells (with an altered starting position). Be sure to have the correct squat posture before adding weight and speed to the move.


What’s the reason?: Stimulating the muscles in the upper back can help improve posture, leading to less risk of injury, greater power transfer, and greater height and confidence in your appearance.

What to do: Reduce the length of your TRX Suspension Training and then stand in front of your anchoring point. Maintaining your body in a perfectly planned and centered, you can walk under at the angle you feel is secure but difficult. Begin by retracting and releasing your shoulder blades. Then keep going using your muscles to pull your body until your wrists, keeping your wrists turned inwards; do not lose your plank.

Alternatives: It can also be performed using the Smith machine bar, which can be set at various levels.


What’s the reason?: With more estrogen levels women enjoy the benefit of gaining form through strength training, without the added weight. Pull-ups help tone and strengthen the back, leading to a slimmer waist.

What to do: Start your pull-ups on an assist pull-up device. Utilizing an overhand and shoulders-width grip, tighten your back muscles and raise your chin toward your hands. Maintain your body’s straight and tight while you lower back to your starting position by controlling your movements.

Choices: Once sufficient strength has been built you can try this move using a pull-up bar and no assistance. Be mindful not to arch or swing.


What is the reason? Women make fantastic athletes, and this workout which targets the hip and knee extensors must be part of the training routine of every athlete.

Method: Take a step forward and into your lunge stance to ensure that the front knee runs directly over the middle of your toes. Both knees should be bent at 90°. Maintain your hips in a straight line and keep your shoulders back and down when you join the other leg.

Choices: Perform standing bodyweight lunges and unloaded lunges using the TRX Suspension Trainer.


Why is that? This type of plank assists in realigning and strengthening the spine, particularly after the birth. The ball’s instability can lead to full body strengthening and stabilization that extends from the shoulders up to the ankles.

What to do: Start with your forearms placed on top of the Swiss Ball and knees on the ground. Keep your hips, shoulders, and knees straight line, then roll your elbows inwards on the ball for a few inches, then return. As you advance, this move is possible to do by lifting your knees off the ground and keeping your hips, shoulders, and heels in a straight line.

Alternative: If you feel that your hips seem to be sagging in this exercise, lower your plank towards the ground until you’ve built enough strength to be able to progress to an unstable position.


What’s the reason? Punching feels GREAT! Also, adding resistance to your workout helps improve posture, strengthens the back, and allows us to turn safely for sports and everyday life.

How do I? Use your TRX Rip trainer using both hands palms down in zones 1. (the top of the bar) and 4 (three-quarters of the way down the bar). Start in the final movement with the arm that punches fully extended and the back leg pivoting. Then slowly release the arm and then pivot the back leg as well as pull and push the upper body. Punch with force!

Alternatives: Before starting this exercise, learn proper punch mechanics from the Rip Trainer. The grip on the bar may be adjusted to make it easier or harder.


What’s the reason? Let’s face it. You’re looking for a better butt. The solution? Squats. If you are satisfied with your back quarters and lunges lateral, can help increase strength and protect your knees. They will also help you be the best athlete you could be!

What to do: When your feet are slightly larger than your hips and your hips slightly lower, you can lower your hips downwards and back, while keeping the angles of the back and your shin equal. Pick a height that is secure for your hips and knees, but still demanding (this is different from individual to individual). Get your glutes engaged and push upwards from the floor.

Choices: Squats don’t require loading immediately. Start to master your squat technique using only your bodyweight or taking off your weight with TRX Suspension Trainer.

Of course, every movement is important for women, and workouts should be modified or regressed according to what is suitable for the individual. If we add the right resistance training into our fitness routine you will build stronger bones, feel more comfortable and be more active for longer, leading to a happier life. So, go on and make sure you’re adding estrogen to your exercise room!

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