Medical Hopes (MH) is a platform to sell/donate and buy any kind of medical equipment, parts and accessories. Founded in 2021, this platform solely built with mission to serve humanity and improve healthcare by making it easy to reach the needy and underserved community.

There are many qualified Doctors who are Health Care Heroes, doing more than their duties especially during pandemic (COVID-19). MH acknowledges all their efforts in serving humanity. But still there are many people who need medical help. So it would be great if everyone should contribute and play his/her part.

It’s a non-profitable, online market place for anyone who wants to donate, sell or buy the medical equipment like patient care beds, suction machine, crutches, medical aids and healthcare such as air purifier, air mattress, CPAP machines, glucose meter, heating pad, nebulizer, oxygen concentrator, oxygen cylinder, pulse oximeter, walker, wheelchair any kind of equipment related to hospital and medical care. Medical equipment can be surgical, bio-medical, dental, pediatric, veterinary and medical care.

MH connects donors/sellers with receiver/buyers. It allows donors to post about donation of medical supplies & equipment online and reach to the people who need them most. Donating or selling used medical supplies (no longer needed) to the needy for humanitarian purpose is great choice.

Similarly, people can post their request for medical supplies and equipment they need and get connected to the donors or seller to buy the refurbished yet functional equipment at low price.

Its open for everyone. Registration is free, so you can easily create your account, list medical equipment or parts you want to donate/sell, browse, read online news & blogs related to medical & health and free clinical advice.


From its inception, Medical Hopes aim at providing a platform to people who want to donate, sell and purchase new and refurbished medical equipment. There are a lot of people who need the medical equipment or parts and can’t afford to purchase the new one. Similarly, there are people who have used medical equipment (like patient care beds, suctions, walkers, etc.) and which is not in use now but can help someone else. So MH is here to fill this need gap.

The vision is to make MH a leading platform to donate/sell medical equipment to help and serve humanity and improve healthcare globally.

Contribution can also be made by donating blood.

According to WHO, more than 500 000 females die (mostly in developing countries) and millions of people get injuries and die every year due to blood shortage.

MH has vision to solve this blood shortage problem. You blood donation can save someone’s life. Simply by registering to the MH site, you can voluntarily donate blood and save a life.


Specifically related to medical and healthcare, there are various organizations, people and foundations are serving humanity. They are dedicated to providing medical help and healthcare like free hospital services, free medical camps, blood donations, collect & distribute medical supplies and medicines, monetary donations to support needy and uninsured individuals. MH recognizes the work and effort of other organizations and people (help in improving healthcare) that is not mentioned herein.

Some of the inspiring people/organizations are:


Edhi Foundation – Abdul Sattar Edhi

Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital– Imran Khan

Indus Hospital

SIUT (Sindh Institute of Urology and Transplantation)-DR Adeeb ul Hasan Rizvi

SAHARA For Life Trust” Sughra Shafi Medical Complex– Ibrar-Ul-Haq

Pakistan Red Crescent 

LRBT (Layton Rahmatulla Benevolent Trust) Eye-Care Institute

Bait Ul Sukoon – Cancer Hospital and Hospice

Agha Khan Foundation

Fauji Foundation

AL Khidmat Foundation

Chhipa Welfare Association

Ansar Burney Trust

LIFE Hospital

Insaniyat Foundation Pakistan

Sundas Foundation

Fatmid Foundation

JDC Welfare Organization

Akhuwat Foundation -Dr Muhammad Amjad Saqib

Transparent Hand

Animals Organisation:

(PAWS) Pakistan Animal Welfare Society 

Todd’s Welfare Society